The Paratus PreparedNow® System
At the heart of the Paratus PreparedNow® System is our highly differentiated hand-held cartridge, branded the ParatusSDS® Cartridge. The consumable cartridge technology allows for the total automation of even complex assay panel protocols in a safe, fast, and effective manner. The cartridge requires no change to current clinical practice for obtaining patient specimens and no special tools or equipment beyond a standard smartphone for readout. All reagents and fluidic steps are contained within our one-time use cartridge, forgoing traditional laboratory sample preparation and processing techniques while ensuring a completely safe and contamination free working environment. We have added differentiating capabilities to the foundational ParatusSDS® through a growing patent estate, enabling numerous point-of- care diagnostic applications for the ParatusSDS® Cartridge. Our portfolio of products is capable of processing most specimen types (including nasopharyngeal, capillary blood, saliva, urine, stool, and others) using a spectrum of assay formats and protocols to include ELISA, LAMP-OSD, digital microfluidics, paper diagnostics and more.
ParatusSDS® Cartridge
Paratus SDS
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While the design of the ParatusSDS® Cartridge is quite sophisticated and complex, we remove this complexity through advanced manufacturing techniques such as 3D printing, injection molded plastics, wax printing, and printed electronics. In all cases, we keep the same basic industrial design, thereby minimizing parts count and assembly steps. A further advantage is that once a user is familiarized with one type of ParatusSDS® Cartridge they will be familiar with the other types of cartridges as well because the form, fit, and function is essentially the same for all. This makes use in the clinic simple, safe, and reliable.